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Covid-19 forcing us to rethink the design of our homes


Life has drastically changed on a global scale; we are all adjusting to a somewhat of a “new normal “. We are now faced with completely revamping our daily routines. Most homes have now become gyms, restaurants, shopping centers and even classrooms. With the change creating a lasting impact on how we navigate our day to day lives, we will notice people beginning to reflect on their living situations.

What does this mean for homeowners and potential home buyers?

As many people have adjusted to life at home their spaces have been forced to adjust as well. An increase in multipurpose rooms, which means tearing down and putting everything back up constantly. This has…

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Make sure your home has the curb appeal it deserves.

If you want to increase the value of your home, the best thing you can do is to stand outside-way outside, across the street, and view your property as if seeing it for the first time.

Would you want to knock on the door and ask if this home is for sale? Common sense dictates that when you are out cruising neighbourhoods looking at houses, you will judge what you see first- a home's outer attributes, or curb appeal. If the outside doesn't catch your eye, then you will look for greener lawns. Buyers will view the photos then decide if they like to visit the home or not.

Follow these suggestions to ensure your home has an appeal at the curb and the computer.

* Start by cleaning up

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