Asking the Right Price-Establishing the accurate value of a home is crucial. There 's an art to pricing a home, and mistakes can be costly. The best price point is close to market value. Overprice, and your house may linger on the market until it becomes a "stale" listing with no lookers, much less offers. Price too low, and you may lose out on potential profits. To set the right price, you will need to know about comparable sales, available inventory and trends. We will prepare a Comparable Market Analysis/CMA that suggests an appropriate price or price range for your home. This report evaluates your home in comparison to similar local properties that have recently sold, as well as active listings, expired listings and pending sales. As Realtor, we offer expertise in sales, market conditions, contracts, the ins and outs of marketing and negotiating. About 90 percent of today's buyers purchase a home through a real estate agent.



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