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***************************I match people with their perfect home********************************

 Process of buying your first home may seem to be complicated but it is Not once you hire a REALTOR.

1. Step 1: Get a Pre-approval for the mortgage:

The mortgage pre-approval will tell you how much of the mortgage you qualify for, ensuring you are looking at homes in your price range.

2. Step 2: Choose a REALTOR:

Using a Real Estate professional who will guide you through the process will make the process easy and fun

3. Step 3: Make an Offer:

Once you"ve found the home you are interested in you to make an offer subject to Financing and subject to Inspection.

4. Step4: Property Inspection:

It's crucial to have the property inspected 

5. Step5: Mortgage Approval 

6. Step6: Firm Sale: Once all conditions of the sale re removed-You bought the HOUSE

7.Step7: Final Signing with your Lawyer

8.Step8: Move-in Day: This is a day that you receive keys and can move into your new home.

9.Step9: First mortgage payment:

Unlike rent, you pay your mortgage at the end of the month(unless you choose bi-weekly payments.

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