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Oxford homes for sale


Oxford is located in Northwest Edmonton. The majority of housing are single-family detached homes with a few condos, …

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Homes for sale in Carlton


The Carlton neighbourhood is in the northwest corner of the city. This great community offers a fantastic mix of sing…

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Chambery Homes for sale


Chambery is a newer community in the Northwest part of the city. It is conveniently located close to Anthony Henday, …

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Homes for sale in Laurier Hei...

Laurier Heights

Homes in Laurier Heights are located in Central Edmonton, looking out on the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The nei…

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Alta Vista

Alta Vista built by Award Winning Christensen Developments, concrete building. Alta Vista high rises are located in O…

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Bearspaw, a residential neighbourhood located in southwest Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is named after the Stony Indian…

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Beaumaris Edmonton Homes For ...

Beaumaris lake community was built in the late 1970s; the lake is Edmonton's first and largest stormwater lake. The l…

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Alberta Avenue

Alberta Avenue is under a new revitalization plan, it's turning around now after artists and other community members …

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With a population of more 18,000 Beaumont is the 5th Fastest Growing Community in Canada. Beaumont is situated 1 km s…

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Belgravia Homes for sale

Check out Belgravia homes for sale in Edmonton in a great community that's immediately south of the University of Alb…

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Belle Rive Homes for sale

Belle Rive is a residential neighbourhood in north Edmonton. It is bounded on the north by 167 Avenue, and on the eas…

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Blackmud Creek

Blackmud Creek is a newer residential neighbourhood in southwest Edmonton. The neighbourhood is bounded on the west b…

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Blue Quill

Blue Quill is located in the southwest quadrant of Edmonton, overlooking the Blackmud Creek Ravine. The neighbourhoo…

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Canon Ridge

Photo of Canon Ridge community

Carlton Villas on the lake

Welcome to Carlton Villas on The Lake, a beautiful neighbourhood which features detached, upscale, single-family home…

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Downtown Edmonton Condos For ...

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Century Park

Century Park is a mixed-use development, the ultimate vision of Century Park is to create a high-density urban campus…

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Clareview Station

This station is the last stop on the North East line, it features an elevator, escalator, bike racks, accommodation f…

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Cloverdale is a river valley neighbourhood in Edmonton that is on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River and …

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Crestwood is in the northwest sector of Edmonton, bordered by both the McKinnon Ravine and the McKenzie Ravine. Many …

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Cumberland is in Northwest Edmonton, and it is a family-oriented neighbourhood which is bounded on the East by 127 St…

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Donsdale is in west Edmonton comprised majorly of single-family homes. Houses built along the North Saskatchewan Rive…

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Duggan is located in a safe, convenient south Edmonton community. The area is bounded on the south by 34 Ave, on the …

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Ebbers is a neighbourhood in Northeast Edmonton that was established in 2006. It is conveniently located with a walki…

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Eastwood is an older neighbourhood and the reconstruction is scheduled for 2020-2022.

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Eaux Claires

Eaux Claires is a residential neighbourhood located in northeast Edmonton. It is bounded on the north bt 167 Avenue, …

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Delton is located in north-central Edmonton. Its an older area in Edmonton, some houses dating back to 1904.

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Devon is a town in Alberta, situated 26 km(16 mi)southwest of Edmonton and located on the banks of the North Saskatch…

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luxury condos

Edmonton Luxury Condos

On this page you will find a list of the most beautiful properties in Edmonton, contact me with any questions or if y…

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Edmonton Luxury Homes

Welcome to a collection of the most beautiful homes in Edmonton. Are you searching for houses in Edmonton with swimmi…

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Edmonton Penthouses

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Ellerslie is a residential neighbourhood in southeast Edmonton. The community was planned and built in the early 2000…

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Elmwood is a neighbourhood in west Edmonton and to the southeast of West Edmonton Mall and the southwest of Meadowlar…

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Fort Saskatchewan

Fort Saskatchewan homes are located 25 kilometres northeast of Edmonton along the North Saskatchewan River. The town …

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Icon Towers

The Icon Towers are situated along one of the most popular and trendy streets/104 Street/ in Downtown, with walking d…

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Fox Two

Fox Two- high rise building located Downtown at 10410 102 Ave, it offers 169 residential units from 654 to 2400 squar…

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Starling/Big Lake

Starling is a neighbourhood in northwest Edmonton, it was established in 2010 and located within the Big Lake area. I…

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Chappelle Homes for sale

Chappelle is a neighbourhood in the southwest of the city and located within Heritage valley, it was established in 2…

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Rapperswill is a newer neighbourhood, also known as Newcastle. It's one of the best community in the Northside. Great…

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Montrose Estates-Beaumont

Montrose Estates is situated perfectly in the southwest corner of Beaumont, one of Alberta's fastest-growing towns. I…

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Triomphe Estates

Triomphe is a safe and quiet new home community. Perfect for families with kids who like to play outside, ride bikes,…

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Coloniale Estates

Colonial Estates is located in the northeastern area of Beaumont. Coloniale Golf Course & Country Club is part of the…

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Forest Heights

Forest Heights is surrounded by well-maintained greenery and stormwater ponds. Many homes are situated on large lots …

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Uplands Homes for sale

The Uplands at Riverview is located in West Edmonton, "upland" from the North Saskatchewan River. The new neighbourho…

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Ruisseau is a new community surrounded by green space and right across from the S&D Aqua-Fit Centre, close to shops, …

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Orchards At Ellerslie

The Orchards at Ellerslie is a neighbourhood in the southeast part of the city which was established in 2007. The orc…

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Blatchford is in the heart of Edmonton; it is the beginning of a new way to live in our city and the modern world. It…

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Glenora is one of Edmonton's most historic residential areas, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River valley. Protec…

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Greenfield is in a south-central Edmonton; homes in the area were majority built between 1960 and 1980. Greenfield h…

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Cavanagh Homes

Cavanagh is a neighbourhood in the southwest part of the city. It is located within the Heritage Valley area. The clo…

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Riverview Area

Riverview is a residential area on the west side of the City.

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Secord is located in west Edmonton's Lewis Farms area, It was established in 2007. The Secord Wetland/ Secord Pond is…

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Stillwater Homes for sale

A fully master-planned community that embraces nature around it, It offers parks, trails, and green space with a worl…

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Richford is a newer neighbourhood in the southwest part of the City, overlooking the Blackmud Creek Ravine.

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Rosenthal homes for sale


Rosenthal is perfectly situated in the west part of the City, offers a great lifestyle and sports amenities of River …

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Desrochers Area

The advantages of living in Desrochers: being only 200m from HWY2, having 2 schools within walking distance, adjacent…

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Keswick Area homes for sale

Keswick is a neighbourhood in the southwest part of the City, it was established in 2010, conveniently located close …

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North side of the City

One of the biggest benefits of living on the Northside is not to have to cross any bridge when you go Downtown.

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Glenridding Heights homes for...

Glenridding Heights is a neighbourhood in the southwest of the City it was established in 2011. Nestled away from the…

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Haddow homes for sale

Haddow is situated in the southwest part of the City in the Riverbend area. Some of the first development occurred in…

Photo of Haddow homes for sale community

Allard homes for sale

Allard is one of the 15 neighbourhoods that make up the Heritage Valley area in the southwest part of the city; the d…

Photo of Allard homes for sale  community

Graydon Hill

Graydon Hill is a new home community in Heritage Valley, Southwest part of the city. With an environmental reserve, a…

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Albany homes for sale

Albany is in the northwest part of the City. The neighbourhood was established in 2009 has easy access to Anthony He…

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New Edmonton Homes

View the single-family homes built in 2018 and 2019

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Edmonton infill

All kinds of Edmontonians are choosing infill for their next home. New couples, young families, and empty nesters all…

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Westridge homes for sale

Photo of Westridge homes for sale community

westridge homes for sale

Westridge is one of the best communities in Edmonton, surrounded by Scenery With only one road in, Westridge is a sec…

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Windermere is a neighbourhood in southwest Edmonton, Alberta. Homes on Windermere Drive are overlooking the North Sa…

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Million dollar homes

Million dollar homes-Edmonton

Here you will have access to all the properties over one million dollars.

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lots for sale

Lots for sale in Edmonton

This page will present all the vacant lots available for sale in Edmonton. For any additional information contact us …

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homes with swimming pool

Homes with swimming pool

This page will offer a list go homes with a swimming pool. For more information and to book a private viewing contact…

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles is a residential neighbourhood in North west Edmonton, from here it's only 10 minutes to Downtown, 5 m…

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4 plexes for sale in Edmonton

4 plexes for sale in Edmonton

This page will present all 4 plexes for sale in Edmonton

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Front and back duplexes for s...

This page offers a list of front and back duplexes for sale in Edmonton

Photo of Front and back duplexes for sale in Edmonton community

Duplex up and down for sale i...

This page will present a list of up and down duplex for sale in Edmonton

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Ambleside, Edmonton, AB Homes...

Ambleside is a neighbourhood in southwest Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is bounded on the north by Anthony Henday …

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North Edmonton

Northwest Edmonton

Northeast Edmonton