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November 2013

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After forty years, Edmonton is getting a new arena to replace the aging Rexall Place; it almost seems a shame to leave the Northlands rink and the memories that were created there behind.  The wins and losses of sporting events – including five Stanley Cups – the rodeos, the musical concerts, and the many other events that have entertained us over those four decades have ingratiated the grey, concrete coliseum into the hearts of Edmontonians. The change, however, is for the better.

This new arena will do more than provide a modern sporting area with an increased seating capacity. It will also invigorate the surrounding areas of the city with its presence, and by the amount of people that it will draw to the downtown area with each event.


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New VS Used

It's a question I'm asked on a weekly basis by my clients " should we buy a new home or is it better to buy an older home " & I often find myself on both sides of the spectrum. There are many benefits of buying a new house but there are also benefits to buying an older house as well; it really all depends on what you want out of the home. Is it the location that you desire most or do you want everything in your home to be new and just how you wanted it. 

Customizing home to ones needs:

 Homebuilders will often let buyers help design the property; it helps create a living space that is tailored to their tastes.

 Less repairs:

 Features of new homes hold up better than those of older homes, which may have years of wear and tear

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