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Hello Readers!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I often get asked the question of renovations. No home is perfect and we always find something that we want spruced up to better fit our taste. Whether it be the floors, the ceiling or the colour of the walls. If you find a home that is close enough to your dream home there is nothing stoping you from making those tiny changes to complete it's look and make it that much more personal. 

Here are some tricks and tips for changing your renovation mindset as you’re looking at houses.    

Don’t get distracted by cosmetic issues: cabinets can be fixed and updated, lighting can be changed and walls can always be repainted

Find your inner handy man: we all have those do-it-yourself…

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Hello Readers,

 Hope everyone had a fabulous week! I always get asked the question how do I save for a down payment on my dream home. I know life can be expensive, you just have to make sure that you plan and stay on track and anything is possible… here are some tips and tricks to help you save. 

Keep Track of every dollar. If you know where your money is going each month, it will make it easier for you to save. Make a chart of your bills, your food expenses and savings. Each month review your statements and stay on track

Rate every purchase. Know the difference between “want” or “need”. Those $200 dollar black boots are a want-not a need ladies!

Have saving goals and stick to them. Once you determine the difference between want and need use…

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