How COVID-19 and Real Estate

Posted by Christina Bieniek on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 at 5:18pm.




Covid-19 forcing us to rethink the design of our homes


Life has drastically changed on a global scale; we are all adjusting to a somewhat of a “new normal “. We are now faced with completely revamping our daily routines. Most homes have now become gyms, restaurants, shopping centers and even classrooms. With the change creating a lasting impact on how we navigate our day to day lives, we will notice people beginning to reflect on their living situations.

What does this mean for homeowners and potential home buyers?

As many people have adjusted to life at home their spaces have been forced to adjust as well. An increase in multipurpose rooms, which means tearing down and putting everything back up constantly. This has been a headache and extra step for many people already juggling so many new ways of living.

Experts in home design are stating that this historic event has put an emphasis on creating a home that involves easy access and minimalist design.
Covid-19 is changing what people require of their living spaces and how these needs will be met in future design, home renovations and buying choices.

We are forced to rethink the layout and design of our homes, with a focus on the simplistic edge which also promotes cleanliness.

It’s not unusual that a global event would alter our way of living.

Things to consider

Flex spaces which are able to accommodate quick transformations and suit multiple functions in one room, which is really dependent on how much space you’re working with. An office by day can quickly be shifted into a yoga sanctuary by night.

We are shifting away from open concept floor plans. The pandemic has forced us to spend every minute with somebody in our household, this means we appreciate the benefits of having separate spaces. We are shifting back into compartmentalizing our spaces.

Backyard getaway

People value having a backyard and open outdoor space more than ever before. Being able to go into our fenced off yard (if we’re lucky enough to have one) means having the capacity for another living space outdoors.
More people are also leaning towards sustainability for the environment, therefore there’s an even bigger push to provide produce for their family in their own yards. Our backyards have become a place for entertainment, living and urban farming!

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There’s no going back to “normal” post-pandemic, but as humans have proven time and time


again that we are extremely adaptable creatures. This is another unforeseeable event our homes and our lives will adjust too.


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