Buying a home in the Winter Season

Posted by Christina Bieniek on Saturday, December 5th, 2015 at 1:19pm.

With winter finally here I always here sellers say,  “I’m going to wait until spring to sell.”  Spring is the busy time of year in real estate.  That being said, spring is not necessarily the best time to sell a house.  These are some reasons why winter might  be the right time to sell your home.

1. Serious Buyers - It gets dark out by 4 o’clock in the afternoon and the temperature is often well below freezing ( It's Alberta after all), the buyers that are out looking at homes this time of year are serious buyers and are looking to purchase. Every buyer through the door is potentially THE buyer for your home.

3. Competition - This is a fact : there is not as much home sale competition in the winter.  Less competition means you have greater access to potential buyers.  Why sell a home when everyone else is?  If you want top value for your home, the easiest way to do that is to sell when there is little competition.

4. Interest Rate Certainty - If you are selling your home so that you can buy a new place right away, then moving forward now makes the most sense because you the rates as of right now (or can find out by calling your mortgage banker).  Eliminate the uncertainty by moving now.

5. Closing Faster - Selling a home in the winter is a faster process than selling a home in the spring.  In the spring, mortgage companies are overwhelmed with mortgage applications.  Everyone starts the home buying process in the spring which means it typically takes longer to close.  A winter buyer can usually close in 30 days, which is practically impossible in the spring.

There is no absolute perfect time to buy or sell a home. I can tell you the pros and cons for both but winter is amongst us and your dream home may be around the corner!   If you are considering buying or selling a home, call me and I will help make that dream a reality.

Your friendly neighbourhood Realtor Krystyna Bee


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