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Pearl Tower, Downtown Condo

Posted by Christina Bieniek on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 at 12:11am.

Sitting at Starbucks on Jasper Ave enjoying my favorite cup of coffee, while reading the Edmonton Journal a few weeks ago I was excited to read that the project of the new tallest residential building is coming together quite nicely. It’s going to be a great expansion for our city not only in the sense of seeing more space on ground level but perhaps in the future we will be seeing even taller high rises. Pearl Tower is located on 120th Street on Jasper Avenue, a great location in downtown Edmonton. From reading the article it was interesting to see the structure was initially suppose to be much higher but due to the Airport Protection Overlay (APO) by law, they were limited to a certain height because of flight paths … it's still going to be the tallest of buildings in our dear city. Pearl Tower will be known as one of if not the most prestigious and luxurious condo Suites in Edmonton Alberta. It has 128 spots to fill with unique floor plans starting at $ 297,000. The building has breath taking views of the city and will definitely be a name of known luxury. This amazing project is all thanks to Regency Developments which is a Edmonton -based company that are known for making luxurious homes , condos amongst other ventures. This made me think of my daughter and wanting to leave Edmonton because she said it's boring… give it a few years I guarantee Edmonton will definitely be up there with Toronto and Vancouver for having big city vibes. I will be writing more about these fabulous condos when I get more information! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!

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