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Posted by Christina Bieniek on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 at 10:35pm.

We all know with moving comes stress- we can't deny that. Packing, wrapping, last minute everything, forgetfulness- it's all part of the process. Why can't we skip the in between and just unwind in our new home? It's not that easy... but I've come up with a few helpful tips and tricks to make moving day less stressful. 
1 Have a suitcase packed with clothes and important items you will need on the first day in your new home. ( You don't want to be looking for your toothbrush or towel on the first night in your new home)
2.  Make a list from order of importance- don't sweat the small stuff
3. Use your luggage and laundry bins as storage instead of boxes; not only will this save you space it will also reduce your carbon footprint!
4.  Keep important papers separate & with you at all times ( birth certificates, passports, school records etc etc)
5. Wrap breakables in clothing or dish clothes to save on bubble wrap! ( we are also saving the environment at the same time without even trying)
6.  When labelling what is in each box make sure you write which room the box will be going into as well. 
7. I found this one extremely helpful!!- Taking a photo of how all your electronics were connected so you can remember how all the wires were placed.
8. The day before the big move make sure to defrost, empty and clean the fridge stove and washroom
Hope these helped! With winter in the air there is no time like today to find your dream home! Feel free to email me for more tips or to chat about finding you your dream home at
Your friendly neighbourhood Realtor,
Kristina Bee

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