Posted by Christina Bieniek on Sunday, July 28th, 2013 at 11:09pm.

Went to the last day of Kdays with my daughter today and had a blast! Although I've never been a fan of the rides ( I apparently get dizzy easily) it was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves and having a fun time. I did get a chance to ride the ferris wheel and was even convinced to try a Chocolate Caramel Bacon Apple ; yes I said Bacon - it has the rich taste of chocolate and caramel with the unexpected crunch of bacon. I have to say I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did - everyone should try one next year! What the real treat of the night was for me was an amazing deep friend caramel apple pie - Yes I know it was probably around 1000 calories but it was so worth every bite. It's made from homemade pie crust and stuffed with apple filling and is covered with cinnamon , caramel sauce and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to add to the perfection, I  need to hit the gym ASAP. Regardless of my day of splurging it was great to see another successful Edmonton tradition come into play, I ran into a handful of friends, enjoyed a few slow rides even played some games and won a stuffed Frog, over all it was a wonderful day!!




What a weekend it has been- Taste of Edmonton and Kdays!!


Can't wait for Heritage days next week , Oh how I love summer in #Yeg


- Christina Be


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