Upsize? Downsize?

Posted by Christina Bieniek on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 at 2:33pm.

Hello Readers,

My clients often ask me what I think they should do- upsize? Downsize? Rent? Here are some deciding factors I often resort to when helping them decide!

Why Upsize?

Family: A growing family often requires more living space as kids get older, which makes for a perfect excuse to upsize your home.

Investing: Buying a larger home will often bring you a greater return for your money.

Finally found that Dream Home: Your dream home most likely has some luxurious qualities that often comes with a bigger home. Once you are ready or you come into some money or finally receive that long overdue job promotion, having your fabulous home may rate very highly on your list!

Why Downsize?

Travel: If you travel a lot, especially for work, you may find maintaining a larger home you are never around to enjoy is simply pointless.

Maintenance: Whether it’s mopping, sweeping, dusting or fixing. A large home often means more chores to keep it looking nice. If you don’t need the space and hate cleaning, it’s time to downsize.

Empty Nest: Your children have moved out, and the once noisy halls of your home are suddenly silent. With so many rooms now empty, it may be time to downsize and save some money and time.

Money: Finances are tight and a smaller home in most cases means a smaller mortgage.  This is also true of the suburb or part of town you choose to live in. In a house that is smaller, the energy bills will often be much less.


Hope these were helpful, if you have any other questions feel free to contact me at 7809190201.

Your friendly neighborhood Realtor,

-Krystyna Bee

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