Buying a property in the winter

Posted by Christina Bieniek on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 12:23am.


Buying in the Winter
Sorry I haven't been writing as much I've been so busy with the holiday craze amongst other things, but I am back! This cold we've been experiencing got me thinking about buying and selling in the winter. Although buying in the winter may seem like a hassle ; the cold , the rush of the holidays, the slush.. makes you want to cuddle under the fire place with a hot cup of cocoa rather than look for a new place. What I'm about to share with you may change your mind.  As Realtors we cannot predict future housing prices, interest rates or the economy etc etc we can only make an educated guess. It is a proven fact that most people don't move in the winter season; which means a buyer that is wanting to purchase a home in the months of December, Jan , February even March may be in an advantage. Purchasing a property in the off-season when winter is amongst us and the temperatures are negative 20 and the snow is knee deep may simply put you in luck. Especially when it comes to compromising on a great deal rather than in the spring where there are several families wanting the same property. 
Did I convince you yet? you must need to consider the following ;
Have the home inspector check the windows to make sure they are in good condition so the cold winter air doesn't come through. It is also a perfect time to ensure the quality of the roof, gutters and other areas are also ready to handle a Canadian winter. Remember to examine the basement or attic because those are also key areas of the house that may be effected by our winter months. 
Although it may seem as though your selection is rather slim the investment opportunity is much higher and you will be getting more bang for your buck! So take some time off from shopping, relaxing or planning that winter vacation and join me for a latte and Starbucks and let's find you your perfect home before spring comes!
Bundle up and stay warm readers!
Your friendly neighbourhood Realtor,
Krystyna Bee

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