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The questions for many individuals & families that sometimes still remains unanswered is when is it the right time to buy… or should you just keep on renting??? Of course the circumstances and conditions are different for everyone and the answer will never be black or white.

An obvious argument for owning a home is based on the idea that paying ones mortgage is an instant savings plan and once you pay off your mortgage your home will be a huge asset. I always advise my clients if they are able to buy a home in their area for less than 15 X what their annual rent it, it makes more sense to buy. That being said; do not spend more than 3 X what your annual income is on a home. The answer still does not seem that simple; of course if you are single,…

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As of July 14/2013 we have 7766 Listings and 722 Total Residential Sales for June/2013

In the first six months of the year, housing in the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) shoed slow, steady increases. According to the REALTORS Association of Edmonton, the all-residential average price was up 5.6% from the averageprice on December 31,2012compared to June 2012, the current avarage price is up 4.2%

The average all-residential price for the Edmonton CMA in June was $359,361. This was up 0.8% from May2013. The avarage price of the single family property in June was $412,269, up 2.3% from last June when price was $402,840. Condominium prices followed a similar path with June prices at $261,854 compared to a year ago at $240,822.

This busy month of…

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Central & South Side of YEG


One of my favorite areas in Edmonton is the River Valley, not only is it great for going on long runs with your dog or friends; it also has a breath taking view. Another awesome spot on the south side of Edmonton is Whyte Avenue, filled with some of my favorite shops (gravity pope) and cafes, it's a great place to walk around and enjoy our beautiful city. On Saturday mornings if you wake up early enough make sure to check out the farmers market for your daily dose of organic fresh fruit and vegetables. Last week I talked about all the benefits of living on the north side of Edmonton and this week I will be stating all the reasons why the south side and central should be your choice of location. Not only is it close to the…

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 My weekend in Real Estate,

It is July and lots of people are focused of holidays, but many are still looking for this property that they will call home.  My weekend was great one offer for the Buyer and one for my Seller.  I still believe in open houses there is a Buyer for every property and very often they will not call but wait for us to do an open house. It was a great open house at 356 Wild Rose Way I did yesterday despite of 15 minute crazy rain.  

Christina Bee

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Being in a Real Estate Business for over 15 years I often find myself being asked by my clients which side of the city I think is right for them. Every side of Edmonton has its own individual perks and benefits for every different individual in every stage of their life. The north side has easy access to the Anthony Henday ,St Albert and the Royal Alexander Hospital. If one works downtown they won’t have to cross the high level bridge to get to work – we all know how busy traffic can get in the mornings and after work! The north is also close to a variety of yoga studios, very quick and easy access to Colleges like Grant Macewan and Nait and In comparison to the South has slightly lower housing prices. In North West Edmonton, Oxford and Chambery are great…
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July is a vacation month and many of us a taking time off to relax and get more energy for the next 6 month. Edmonton offers lots of summer attractions Festivals and Events.

Churchill Square it’s more than Square:


Zumba on the Square 12-1 pm Latin music fills the square for free Zumba it’s hosted by Edmonton Fitness Party .


Zoodays 12-1 Churchill Square goes wild, with animal visits from Edmonton Valley Zoo


The Churchill Circuit 12-1 –cardio and resistance training it’s free and fun.


Food truck and music, 12-1 pm – grab a bite from Edmonton’s most popular food trucks

Thursdays night open cyphers, 5-9 pm –DJ Creeasian, Edmonton’s guru of positive inclusive hip hop culture hosts this congregation of…

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Housing sales dropped 10% when compared to May 2012, they were an estimated 1169 SFD sales in May, 512 estimated sales of condos. Average days-on-the market for residential property was down to 45 days and sales-to-listing ratio was 53% in May.(According to News Releases of Edmonton Real Estate Board )
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7783 properties and total residential Sales this month as of June4/2013 is 40, we have 95 new listings.

The second quater of the year is th most active time of the year for real estate sales. Both Buyers and the sellers would like to complete the transactions before school starts in September. About 33% of annual sales happen in April, May and June.   May statistic comming up..

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Summer in Edmonton is full of attractions and events, June1-8 it's Environment Week, learn how you can reduce your carbon footprints and make Edmonton more sustainable.

June3-7 Senior's Week Tour & Tea, Location Legislature 10800 97 Ave.  It's a chance to reminisce, hear stories of a man and woman who founded our province. Tea and light refreshments served.  

June 6-16 Next Generation Arts Festival location Roxy Theatre and various other locations on 124 Street

it's 11-day celebration of the artistic voice of the next generation

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